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'Summer Nights' by Rags and Riches - Single Review

Another week…another blog! Hope you lot are all doing good in this crazy world we live in at the moment. Not too long ago I wrote a review for a Kentucky based band titled ‘Rags and Riches’, who at the time had released a new single ‘Edge of Time.’ Well, 5 months on from that the song has racked up an impressive 121,000+ streams on Spotify alone so what better a time to release new hit single ‘Summer Nights.’ Rags and Riches gave me exclusive access to the song which was released on all major platforms on the 17th July 2020. Ever since I was introduced to the band all those months ago I’ve been obsessed with their unique and altered sound. When you’re like me and you only ever listen to Indie rock it’s always nice to change it up a bit and try new things; am I right?!?!?

Rags and Riches are in a way unique in the music that they produce for us all. I compared them to the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Royal Blood, mainly to do with the fact that they are a duo act. But reflecting on my words back in February, I was wrong, there is one group they are really similar to who I can only assume were inspirations to these lads…Imagine Dragons. ‘Summer Nights’ is a classy, catchy and uniquely cool vibe; and it shares the name with my favourite Grease song! The song oozes class and the ‘adrenalized’ take on music that Rag and Riches seem to give off realty comes into the light. A mixture of techno and raw sounding instruments creates an atmospheric feeling when you listen to the song. The lyrics aren’t complicated and they’re not necessarily mesmerising but they’re incredible in their simplicity, they’re not over the top because they don’t need to be. The way that the lyrics drop in and out of rhythm creates a weird but wonderful sound, it’s a clever technique to use and a hard one to master, but it sounds excellent when you pull it off.

The melody and beat throughout the song instantly opens up a million different avenues in which the song could go, which is exciting to listen to. You know in films where right at the end, the final shot is of a car driving off into the distance and usually, there’s a very uplifting song that screams adventure, well ‘Summer Nights’ is one of them. This new release has cemented the presence of the duo within this sort of American Pop Rock scene that we have going on in the world today, which says to me that it won’t be long before someone big notices these guys. I suggest that you guys reading this post go and check ‘Rags and Riches’ out because they’re honestly an awesome duo who are doing great things. I’ll leave their links below as always and please make sure to share the blog around and leave alike. Peace.

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